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Travel Insurance

Borgga Travel Insurance


Why the need

As a Traveler, there is the Higher Risk Of:
Accidental injury
Accidental death
Accidental sickness
Delay In Arrival of Luggage


Cover is worldwide
Insurance valid if premium paid prior to traveling
Premium dependent on duration of trip
Policy takes effect as soon as you leave the shores of Ghana
Free cover for children under 2 years
The age limit is below 80 years


Medical expenses
Attendance by a doctor
Emergency dental
Emergency optical
Emergency evacuation/repatriation
Home transportation of the deceased
Visit by relative or travel by companion
Return of relative/ travel companion
Return of accompanying children
Return of after medical treatment
Excess on each item is $50
Maximum cover is $50,000.00


Complete a proposal form with the following information
date of birth
passport number
inception date
expiry date
address of destination
email Id
mob. number
details of defendants


About Travel Insurance

If you travel abroad more often whether for business or leisure, you will appreciate the need for our travel insurance.

Refund of premium:
Refund is possible only if vanguard receives a written request prior to the commencement date the company will charge a fee of $30.00 in connection with any refund after the commencement date the premium is considered fully earned and non-refundable

The policy gives you Peace of mind and Security to live your life.

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